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Hansel & Gretel



'Hansel & Gretel' was devised between October/November 2017. The show was commissioned by BS13 Theatre Company and part-funded by Dundry View Wellbeing Fund.

A re-imagining of the traditional tale told with music and puppetry.

Living close by a forest, Hansel & Gretel are typical children. Often hungry, always wanting to play, colouring in their simple lives with vivid imaginations. The forest is their play-ground and their friend.

But when they wake up alone in the forest at midnight, things feel very different . . . the witch. Of course, the witch. But not all witches seek to harm.

‘Children and adults alike were captivated . . .’

Weston-Super-Mum review

audience feedback

"All of it was amazing!"

(Zachary, aged 8)

"I liked being able to hold the pebbles and touch the bird."


"I love the idea of having plays in the library. The performance was superb, I loved it! The actors did very well and the singer, what a lovely voice! Congratulations!"

(Maria Smith)

"I love how simple and authentic it was. You have made a wonderful ending to this story. Love the finish!"


Whilst we had no frights in our show, we were telling a story of two children who are left unaccompanied to find their own way to safety. We were very aware that for many children this is a reality, not a story.

Therefore, we sold heart-felt badges at our performances and raised £117.10 for the charity Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol.

Thank you to our audiences for their generosity.

Commissioned by:

Tour Dates

St Peter’s Primary, Bristol

Schools Performance: 6th January

The Space Theatre, Keynsham

17th December

Victoria Hall, Radstock

School Performances:

12th December (Trinity School)

Redcatch Community Centre, Bristol

7th January

Clifton Library, Bristol

14th January

The Bikeshed Theatre, Exeter

21st & 22nd January

Knowle West Children’s Centre

7th December

Zion Community Arts Space

Public Performances:

3rd December & 4th December

Schools Performances:

5th & 6th December (Cheddar Grove Primary)